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Affordable HR Management

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Benefits of using specialised HR Services

  • Cost-Effective Solutions

  • Streamlined HR Processes

  • Full HR Support

  • Expert HR Guidance

  • Regulatory Adherence Assistance

  • Tailored HR Solutions

A few words from our clients

Ridhima arora Ridhima arora

Namhya Foods

"Human relationships are tricky, especially when they involve money. And hence you need an HR, to create an ecosystem of trust, togetherness, and growth in the company and I think Dishi, Ankit, and their team have really nailed that art. More power to you guys :)"

Ridhima Arora, Founder & CEO
Jayesh tope Jayesh tope

Revamp Moto

"Setting up HR processes for a startup in a tier 2 city like ours was very difficult, and we were not able to find a resource capable enough to deliver the same. unHR was the only solution which was affordable and had that sort of expertise to set up the right HR processes and systems for a startup like ours. I would like to thank Ankit, Dishi, and the entire team of unHR for their continuous support."

Jayesh Tope, Founder & CEO
Sahil image Sahil image

Keto India & Liveofy

"I'm extremely thankful to Dishi, Ankit, and the entire unHR team for helping us set up and streamline our HR processes in the company

They're prompt, detailed, and process-oriented in their approach.

I highly recommend their services to all companies!"

Sahil Purthi, Founder & CEO
Rahul zutshi Rahul zutshi

"We are a growing company that needs help with our HR. We have hired unHR and thus far have been very happy. Our HR Rep has been attentive and quick to respond with valuable HR knowledge. We are building our HR policies and processes way quicker than I alone would have been able to do."

Rahul Zhutsi, Founder & CEO

Craftswomen at Work: Your Dedicated HR Managers

At unHR, our HR Managers are craftswomen, meticulously shaping your company's HR policies in their workshop for world-class results.

  • Employee onboarding
  • HR Policy creation
  • About us
  • Employee appraisals

Tech friendly HR

  • Do you have an HR management system? We will provide training on it.
  • Don't have one? We can offer you our HR management system.
  • Automated Attendance Management
  • Structured Leave Approval System
  • Ease of compliant Payroll Management
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Transparent Pricing, No Strings Attached

Experience top-tier HR services without the burden of long-term contracts. Pay as you go, for less than the cost of an intern.

  • Startup Pack

    Flexible monthly plan with no long-term commitments.
    Cancel anytime.

Crafting Affordable HR Solutions

High quality, handcrafted HR solutions without breaking the bank

  • Tailored for Startups

    Our HR craftswomen meticulously shape policies to meet the unique needs of small businesses, ensuring maximum efficiency and affordability.

  • Harnessing Modern Tech

    We leverage cutting-edge technology in our workshop to stay updated with the latest labor laws and regulations, helping our clients avoid costly mistakes and ensuring regulatory compliance.

  • Automated HR Practices

    With the help of HR tech, we streamline and automate key HR practices to ensure year-round HR compliance, while keeping costs low for our clients.

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At unHR, our HR Managers are not just professionals, they are craftswomen. They meticulously shape your company's HR policies in their workshop, ensuring top-notch, world-class results. With our transparent pricing, you get access to this exceptional craftsmanship without any hidden fees or extra charges.

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Unleash growth with unHR. Get started today!

Our HR Managers are craftswomen, meticulously shaping your company's HR policies in their workshop for world-class results. Unleash growth with unHR. Get started today!
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