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Specially designed for early stage startups

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Special Offer for DIPP Startups

We are small but ready to help other startups grow with a strong HR Framework and policy discipline in place. *

  • 10+
    Free relevant HR Policies
  • 33% off
    On all pricing plans
  • 50% off
    On onboarding charges

Benefits of the program for YOU

  • Cost Effective

    You can't avail services of an experienced & senior HR @ 15,000 per month

  • Free-up Founder's Bandwith

    When you have an outsourcing company complete some of your company’s tasks, you will have more time and space to focus on your core operations.

  • PA is not an "HR"

    Do you hire a web developer to create a mobile App? No, right. PAs are not HRs. Experienced HR bring forward-looking advice and help develop a culture in the company

  • Strengthen Compliance

    Stay on the right side of the law. Avoid fines, penalties, and lawsuits by ensuring all your daily tasks, policies, and employee benefits are compliant with labor laws.

  • Streamline HR Framework

    Spurt in growth can derail your HR framework to ensure continuous hiring, employee retention, and an overall positive environment. We ensure your HR framework is rock solid

  • Enhance Productivity

    Increase the precision, execution, and quality of your administrative HR functions. Deliver consistent, impeccable service with reduced TATs.

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