Differentiated approach to Hiring.

Recruitment is like evaluating a company for investment

We help hire talent
  • No Job Portals Posting

    We don't waste time in hiring from Job Portals or scrubbing Databases. Some postings are made just for ease of sharing.

  • No Cold Calls to candidates

    We don't believe in setting up a call center to cold-call candidates. Statistically, such candidates have a high drop-out ratio

  • The USP

    Only Referrals

    We bring candidates who come with strong reference from out network & are mostly from premier colleges

  • Candidate Prep

    Detail discussions happen with candidates around the potential company, its culture, and work profile

  • Strong reference check

    Direct and indirect reference checks are made even before the candidate is rolled out an offer to ensure authenticity and trust

  • Post joining follow-up

    Candidates are most vulnerable in the first 30 days. We ensure they get proper support in the new organization

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