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Ankit Bansal, co-founder & the Architect of Success

Ankit, an IIT-IIM Graduate and co-founder of unHR, brings 13 years of multi-domain experience and a passion for innovation. As the Operations Head, he oversees the company's day-to-day operations, drives growth through strategic planning, and upholds the unique culture of unHR. With a keen eye for detail, Ankit has successfully scaled startups and built high-performing teams, making unHR a trusted partner for startups seeking to improve their employee experiences and achieve sustainable growth.

Under Ankit's leadership, unHR has become a workshop of HR craftsmanship, where creativity, collaboration, and employee empowerment thrive. His commitment to creating a workplace culture that fosters excellence has positioned unHR as a driving force in the industry. Ankit's guidance and unwavering dedication ensure that your journey toward HR innovation and sustainable growth is in capable hands. Join unHR and together, let's craft a future where your business thrives and your employees flourish.

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Dishi Jain, co-founder

Dishi Jain is a co-founder of unHR, serving as our lead HR Craftswoman. She is an HR consultant and a fervent Recruitment Artisan who excels at solving intricate challenges and crafting recruitment solutions swiftly and pragmatically. Dishi is adept at forging product-centric scalable systems, management, and human resources. As a start-up enthusiast and growth marketing fanatic, she infuses creativity into every potion she concocts.

With her extensive experience in the HR workshop, Dishi understands the organizational blueprints for hiring and can guide teams on effective hiring practices. She has successfully helped more than 50 startups scale their businesses from a single idea to a bustling workshop of 100+ craftsmen.

Introducing our Craftswomen Guild!

Each member, a master in their own right, contributes unique skills and wisdom to our collective workshop.

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    Neha Siddiqui
    Sr. Team Leader

    Neha, heralded as the "HR Maestro" at unHR, orchestrates the operations of our largest ensemble with a conductor’s grace and precision. From her debut as our first employee to leading a symphony of over 25 clients, her career crescendo is as inspiring as it is impactful. Under her baton, challenges harmonize into opportunities, setting the rhythm for excellence and guiding unHR's chorus to a future resplendent with success.

  • Kanika new photo
    Kanika Sohal
    Team Leader

    Kanika, our "HR Trailblazer" at unHR, steers our team with the precision of a seasoned pilot. From her initial lift-off in a non-HR role to leading our highest revenue-generating clients, Kanika’s ascent is a testament to her relentless drive and adaptability. Whether she’s training her crew in Delhi and Ahmedabad or navigating the complex skies of client expectations, Kanika ensures every flight is smooth and every mission a success.

  • Harnisha new photo
    Harnisha Karbhari
    HR Generalist

    Harnisha, known as our "HR Virtuoso" at unHR, orchestrates HR operations across the eclectic realms of Design Studios, Marketing Agencies, NGOs, Corporate Gifting, and OTAs. With a maestro’s touch and a resume steeped in diverse industry rhythms, Harnisha crafts bespoke HR solutions that harmonize the unique needs of each sector, ensuring every organization she touches hits a high note in employee satisfaction and engagement.

  • Ajiti new photo
    Ajiti Srivastava
    HR Generalist

    Ajiti, dubbed our "HR Alchemist" at unHR, brilliantly fuses talent strategies across the high-energy fields of EdTech, FinTech, IT Services, and Biorenewables. With a potion of passion and a dash of diligence, she transforms HR operations into a streamlined symphony of efficiency and innovation. Whether she's scouting tech wizards or greening corporate corridors, Ajiti crafts workforce solutions that are as sustainable as they are smart.

  • Durga new photo
    Recruitment Manager

    Durga, known as the "Recruitment Guru" at unHR, is the linchpin in our talent acquisition wheel, spinning strategies that capture top talent across diverse sectors from IT to Wellness. With her adept hand at headhunting and team leadership, she not only fills positions but fulfills ambitions, ensuring that both companies and candidates find their perfect match. Whether she’s navigating the complex landscapes of E-commerce or the structured dynamics of Law firms, Durga ensures unHR stands unmatched in recruitment prowess.

  • Swati new photo
    Swati Saini
    HR Generalist

    Swati, our dynamic HR Craftswoman at unHR, expertly weaves the threads of talent and culture across the vibrant tapestries of Interior Designing, EdTech, Solar Energy, and Influencer Marketing industries. Armed with an MBA from NMIMS Mumbai and a sparkle of humor, she's not just coordinating HR; she's orchestrating a symphony of workplace satisfaction that hits all the right notes, professionally and playfully.

  • Sandhya new photo
    Sandhya Rahangdale
    HR Generalist

    Sandhya, dubbed the "Architect of Talent" at unHR, crafts robust foundations in the Real Estate and Manufacturing sectors with her expert HR management. From scouting US IT wizards to designing induction symphonies, she ensures every piece fits perfectly in the complex puzzle of workforce dynamics. Whether she's streamlining appraisals or orchestrating grand office festivals, Sandhya builds careers and company culture with a masterful touch that turns every workplace into a thriving community.

  • Sanah bhola new photo
    Sanah Bhola
    HR Coordinator

    Sanah, our HR Craftswoman at unHR, masterfully tailors HR solutions for the sweet spots of Confectionary, the tailored threads of Luxury Fashion, the fast-paced world of Digital Marketing, and the creative realms of Interior Designing. With a knack for talent sourcing and a flair for influencer marketing, Sanah stitches together strategies that are as fashionable as they are functional, ensuring every client relationship is as meticulously crafted as a designer gown.

  • Abhiraj new photo
    Abhiraj Singh
    Entrepreneur in Residence

    Abhiraj, dubbed our "Data Dynamo" at unHR, is the analytical ace behind our HR operations. With a knack for crunching numbers and a wizardry in Zoho integrations, he's not just processing data—he's crafting the future of HR management. As our go-to savior in times of need, Abhiraj ensures no HR manager ever faces a crisis alone, making him the emerging leader in our tactical team.

  • Riya new photo
    Riya Balyan
    Entrepreneur in Residence

    Riya, our "HR Trailblazer" at unHR, is the freshest face on our team, infusing youthful zest into HR management. With a vibrant background from choreography to social media, Riya mixes traditional HR with a twist of innovation and creativity. Whether she's aligning HR strategies or crafting engaging content, Riya ensures her HR beat is as captivating as her dance moves.

  • Sakshi Sinha
    EA to Founders

    Sakshi, known as the "Finance Navigator" at unHR, steers the crucial currents of invoicing and payment recovery with a precision that rivals a seasoned sea captain. Her keen eye for financial details ensures that every transaction with our clients sails smoothly towards timely shores. Whether she's drafting invoices or chasing down the elusive payment, Sakshi makes sure unHR's financial waters are always calm and navigable.

  • Priyanka s new
    Priyanka Sharma
    Personality Coach

    Priyanka, our "Culture Captain" at unHR, pilots our employee engagement initiatives with the finesse of a seasoned cabin crew leader. Drawing from her sky-high experience in aviation, she expertly navigates the diverse altitudes of workplace cultures, ensuring every client's environment is first-class. With a toolkit refined in the high-pressure cabins of IndiGo, Priyanka crafts experiences that uplift spirits and fortify team bonds, making every workday feel like a smooth takeoff.

  • Kavita new
    Kavita Mishra
    Sr. HR Executive

    Kavita Mishra, our "HR Vanguard" at unHR, skillfully commands the HR front for our Manufacturing and D2C Commerce clients. With a robust background in HR operations and a fervent zeal for employee engagement, she's not just solving problems—she's enhancing workplace cultures one policy at a time. Whether tackling grievances or streamlining compliance, Sangeeta ensures that both gears and gears are well-oiled in the complex machinery of HR.

  • 24.jain,manish
    Manish Jain
    Branding Blacksmith

    Manish operates his Marketing Forge, "Let's Build Brand". He guides us in crafting our marketing and branding strategies.

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