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Ankit bansal close Ankit bansal close

Ankit Bansal, co-founder & the Architect of Success

Ankit, an IIT-IIM Graduate and co-founder of unHR, brings 13 years of multi-domain experience and a passion for innovation. As the Operations Head, he oversees the company's day-to-day operations, drives growth through strategic planning, and upholds the unique culture of unHR. With a keen eye for detail, Ankit has successfully scaled startups and built high-performing teams, making unHR a trusted partner for startups seeking to improve their employee experiences and achieve sustainable growth.

Under Ankit's leadership, unHR has become a workshop of HR craftsmanship, where creativity, collaboration, and employee empowerment thrive. His commitment to creating a workplace culture that fosters excellence has positioned unHR as a driving force in the industry. Ankit's guidance and unwavering dedication ensure that your journey toward HR innovation and sustainable growth is in capable hands. Join unHR and together, let's craft a future where your business thrives and your employees flourish.

Dishi jain Dishi jain

Dishi Jain, co-founder

Dishi Jain is a co-founder of unHR, serving as our lead HR Craftswoman. She is an HR consultant and a fervent Recruitment Artisan who excels at solving intricate challenges and crafting recruitment solutions swiftly and pragmatically. Dishi is adept at forging product-centric scalable systems, management, and human resources. As a start-up enthusiast and growth marketing fanatic, she infuses creativity into every potion she concocts.

With her extensive experience in the HR workshop, Dishi understands the organizational blueprints for hiring and can guide teams on effective hiring practices. She has successfully helped more than 50 startups scale their businesses from a single idea to a bustling workshop of 100+ craftsmen.

Introducing our Craftsmen Guild!

Each member, a master in their own right, contributes unique skills and wisdom to our collective workshop.

  • 24.jain,manish
    Manish Jain
    Branding Blacksmith

    Manish operates his Marketing Forge, "Let's Build Brand". He guides us in crafting our marketing and branding strategies.

  • Rahul gupta
    Rahul Gupta
    Strategic Advisor

    Rahul is passionate about the web, tech, and startup industry.

  • Neha image for website
    Neha Siddiqui
    Client Success Manager

    An HoReCa veteran, she is our Iron Fist HR Artisan. A tech-friendly HR, she meticulously crafts our practices for the Fashion, Design Studio, and Gifting industries.

  • Priyanka
    Priyanka Rao
    Client Services Coordinator

    A passionate apprentice, always eager to learn and craft. She goes the extra mile to complete tasks and acquire new skills. He shapes our practices for the Digital Media Buying, Chartered Accountancy, and Edtech industries.

  • Neelam
    Neelam Rawat
    Client Success Manager

    Neelam, our seasoned HR Craftswoman, brings over 5 years of experience in HR and Recruitment. She serves our clients in Influencer Marketing, Travel, QSR, and Ride Hailing sectors with her expertly crafted solutions.

  • Meghna
    Meghna Ladhani
    Client Success Manager

    Meghna, our dynamic HR Artisan, brings 3+ years of experience in HR and Recruitment. She serves our clients in the Crypto, Web3, Digital Marketing, and Pet Food industries with her self-starting and innovative crafting skills.

  • Poulami
    Poulami Mukherjee
    Client Services Consultant

    Poulami, our Startup HR Specialist, comes with deep experience in managing HR operations in startups. Her expertise lies in crafting policies and setting KRAs. She manages our practice for the Wellness and FinTech industries.

  • Komal
    Komal Dhaiya
    HR Coordinator

    Komal, our Talent Blacksmith, has built teams at numerous startups & MNCs. Her capability to spot the right candidate is helping us craft the perfect team.

  • Durga photo
    Durga Shakya
    Senior Recruitment Advisor

    Durga, our Recruitment Veteran, helps clients recruit in Accounts, FMCG, and QSR—an old and dependable hand for us.

  • Ishika sethi
    Ishika Sethi
    Entrepernuer in Residence

    Meet Ishika, our in-house Entrepreneur Craftswoman, with hands-on experience in CRM, team building, and candidate management. An aspiring project manager with a background at Skill Minds.

  • Akshita
    Akshita Makhni
    HR Coordinator

    Akshita, our New Apprentice, with her, we cracked the code to hire people with similar values. Her unwavering passion for learning and delivering is what helps unHR grow.

  • Shweta sharma
    Shweta Sharma
    HR Generalist

    Shweta, our dedicated HR Craftswoman, is experienced and passionate about creating a positive and productive work environment through her crafted solutions.

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